MiniVNA Pro V1 - Strange On Screen Java Behaviour using Win 64


I'm running Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H1, Build 19043.1151 with VNA/J Version 3.4.7 and Java 1.8.0_301 and the miniVNATiny. I do not have any of the issues you mentioned. I recently had some issues trying to run the USB Serial for my nanoVNA V2 so I did a very thorough Windows update and made sure to do some of the Optional Updates dealing with the FTDI. I had to run the "Check for Updates" numerous times. The machine is an Intel i5 with 16 GB RAM.
73 - Karl, AE0DL

Steve G0UIH

Hi from Steve G0UIH,
I’ve just acquired an original (V1) miniVNA PRO which is great because it has the Bluetooth capability. I’ve managed to set everything up with various calibration files and the returned results are as expected [so far].
However, I wondered whether any forum users have any experience in using vnaJ_V3.4.7 with JavaV1.8.0.291 under Windows 10 64 bit.

The reason for asking is that fairly frequently I’m having to quit the program because of what is obviously some incompatibility and flakiness with either vnaJ/Java/Window 10 or a combination of all three not wanting to play ball.

Screen grab shows what I mean. Overlapping boxes, boxes jumping around etc. Pity, as I nearly always end up have to run the program more than once [often 3 or 4 times] in order to try and actually see what’s going on.

Reverting to the ‘Default’ colours doesn’t do anything or cure the problem and from what I can see, DL2SBA is not supporting this anymore which is a pity.

If there’s no cure, then it’s back to an older Win 7 laptop and see if that helps but that’s not really the best use.

Just wondered if anyone else had had similar issues.

Best 73 - Steve G0UIH