#reflections on #evomc21 Week 5 End if this year's session, and focus on the affordances of community in teacher professional development #reflections #evomc21 By Vance Stevens ·
#reflections on #evomc21 Week 4 with some examples of using Minecraft with students #reflections #evomc21 By Vance Stevens ·
Thanks to all who participated in EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021, and please provide your feedback as indicated here #evomc21 #reflections By Vance Stevens ·
Blogpost about in-game management and challenges posted by the participants 2 messages #evomc21 #reflections By ROSEMERE DAMASIO BARD ·
EVO-wide wrap up session Sunday Feb 14 at 1400 UTC - What about an EVO Minecraft MOOC closing session? #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
Live Session 07/02 at 1400 UTC Sharing MineAcademy English Club with EVOMC 4 messages By ROSEMERE DAMASIO BARD ·
Thu 04 Feb 0200 UTC - EVOMC21 explores together what's beyond the door that says Enter if you Dare #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
Thu 28 Jan 0300 UTC - Bobbi Bear shares the art of cat taming with Teacher Vance and Mirea Artican and others interested at #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
Welcome to #evomc21 Week 3 #evomc21 By Vance Stevens ·
Join Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance in Meaningful Play - Adventure Safari Hangouts #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
A learning theory in there somewhere, from Tilly's blog #evomc21 #reflections By Vance Stevens ·
Tue 19 Jan 1230-1430 UTC Join Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance in Meaningful Play - Adventure Tutorial Safaris 4 messages #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
#evomc21 server temporarily disabled - But you can view two dozen Meaningful Play Adventure Learning Safari videos showing how we move about there 2 messages #evomc21 By Vance Stevens ·
Week 1 in review, welcome to Week 2 #update #evomc21 By Vance Stevens ·
EVOMC21 Live Event- Key aspects to Teacher development in Minecraft By ROSEMERE DAMASIO BARD ·
EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 begins with an opening kickoff in Zoom and Minecraft on Monday Jan 11 1400 UTC 3 messages #Announcement #evomc21 #LiveEvents By Vance Stevens ·
EVO2021 begins with an opening ceremony in Zoom on Sunday Jan 10 1400 UTC 6 messages #evomc21 #Announcement By Vance Stevens ·
#help #help By JamieH ·
Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators 7 messages #evomc21 #planning By Vance Stevens ·
If you are planning to join us in 2021 please fill in the Google form By Vance Stevens ·
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