Week 1 in review, welcome to Week 2 #update #evomc21

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,


Welcome to all who have chosen to participate in EVO Minecraft MOOC for 2021 through groups.io. We are just ending week 1 and starting week 2 (of 5) of the EVOMC21 EVO session tomorrow. According to Dave Cormier's reliable pattern of participation in MOOCs, we are emerging from disorientation into orientation in the first week, and entering the 2nd week of declaration. One way to initiate Declaration is to post an introduction here or in Facebook and tag it #m02_introductions. All the tags that people have been using in our Facebook group can be found under More >> Topics or directly here:

We have identified a lot of things you can read to prepare yourself for entering Minecraft and we've posted them here

And there is an infinity of YouTube videos you can find and watch, or you can see a couple dozen tailored to our EVOMC21 session here:

This group is where you can post questions and get answers, or you can post questions to our Facebook group, or on Discord.

These means will orient you into Minecraft but not really teach you Minecraft. Learning Minecraft, like learning a language, requires entering a participatory culture. To learn Minecraft in the first place -- and then work out how you can use it in your teaching -- you have to join us on our server.


One way of Declaring your intention to learn Minecraft would be to come online and establish your identify, find or craft a few tools, maybe even build a house on our server which says something about YOU.

We are waiting for you online to help you do that. Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance are watching Minecraft all day today (Sunday) until 12:00 UTC.

You too can watch Minecraft without actually entering the game. If you want to see when we are online you can go in your browser to http://mc.evomc.net:8123/. On the right hand side you can see what players are online (currently 0/20). If you find a player you can click on their name to see where they are (you will be taken there on the map). You can see what they are talking about, if anything, in Discord in our #serverchat discussion forum at 


Both those links will help you time your entry into the game of Minecraft, or if you want to AVOID people so you can have a little free time to experiment on your own, time that. If I see you online I will always ask first if you need help or want company before joining you, or inviting you to join me (teleport).

You can also see when we are planning to be online here http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142133859/2021_Live_Events, and you can write us here in groups.io or in FB to request that someone meet you in MC at a time convenient to you. We aim to please.


By now we have whitelisted everyone on our server where whitelisting was straightforward. If you haven't been whitelisted, perhaps you fall into one of these categories:

  • You have registered to join us but did not provide us with a Minecraft user ID. I
    n this case you need to obtain a Minecraft JAVA id and provide it to us (reply here, tell us in FB, or write to any moderator personally)
  • You provided us with a Minecraft ID, we tried to whitelist you, Mojang reported that this ID did not exist. 
  • You might not fit our profile so we didn't whitelist you.
In all cases, if you have not been whitelisted, still want to be whitelisted, and think you should be, please write us and explain your condition, and we'll try to help you.

Remember that you must register first as an individual user. If you have two users piggybacking off one Minecraft ID, please register each user who will be on our server separately with a unique profile giving each one's true status. We can write you if we have any further questions, but in order to be whitelisted you MUST register with us as an individual who is planning to join us in Minecraft here: https://forms.gle/K2WhQAZNUg698ZCV7


We have a lot of information and weekly assignments posted on our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/evomc/
and a user manual of sorts available at our wiki, http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/
You can see there how to join our server, how to set up Discord, and much else.

All the important information appears on the front page at the link above, and on whatever page you are viewing on our wiki, there is a sidebar at right where all the essential links are a mouse click or finger tap away.

If you are reading this information at https://groups.io/g/minecraftmooc/, you can also write this list with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in our Minecraft world,

Teacher Vance