TESOL Virtual Conference March 24-27 has just ended, several EVOMC21 presentations available onlline #LiveEvents #evomc21 #bestofevo

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

The TESOL Virtual Conference March 24-27 ended on a high note, and all of the EVO Minecraft MOOC presentations were archived online somewhere.

The CALL-IS side of the conference was free and open to all comers, and since CALL-IS sponsors EVO, this is where most or our presentations were lodged.

I've just finished the first of two blog posts from my perspective on the conference, detailing presentations that I gave or panels I was on, and other people's sessions where I was moderator. You can find that here

I have designated it Learning2gether episode 510 (and the other still in the cooker will be 511). I've created a table of contents for it which might paste here links intact. We'll see

Presentations on March 25
— Minecraft MOOC at CALL-IS Classics Fair
— Virtual Worlds for ELT
— Creating Materials in a Digital World
Facilitation – Immersive Storytelling in VW and Scientific Literacy and CLIL
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Promotion of and preparation for the TESOL 2021 virtual events

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EVO Minecraft MOOC figured in all three presentations listed above (and Jane Chien, one of our moderators, was presenting her other EVO session, Scientific Literacy and CLIL) If you follow the links above, you'll find YouTube embeds of three of the four sessions where EVO moderators took part on March 25, show notes, Zoom chat logs, screenshots, and other relics intended to give you the impression that you were there yourself.

CALL-IS left a number of artifacts online which you can view indefinitely. Two that come to mind are Marta Halaczkiewicz's Flipgrid channel here, 
At the top of the page, upper left, click on "view 6 topics" to find a treasure trove of short tips and tricks and etc. presentations, and there are 20 videos up at the CALL-IS YouTube channel here 
There were 15 yesterday so I guess the list is growing.

These are from March 25 but in my next blog post I'll cover the EVOMC21 Best of EVO session and the interesting discussion and server tour that followed it. Hopefully that will be ready tomorrow or the next day.


Teacher Vance

Vance Stevens

And finally ...

I've just posted Learning2gether episode 511, my final reflection on the TESOL 2021 conference just ended. This one is mainly focused on EVO Minecraft MOOC where Aaron Schwartz, Jane Chien, Don Carroll, Marijana Smolčec and I presented at the Best of EVO event on March 26 and contiguously in the following hour conducted a far-ranging discussion and EVOMC21 server tour shared with participants in Zoom. You can find my video compilation of the entire 1.5 hours of that at the top of this blog post: https://learning2gether.net/2021/03/27/evo-minecraft-mooc-and-best-of-evo-at-the-2021-tesol-virtual-conference-march-26-27/
You'll find here also YouTube embeds of the CALL-IS EV video renditions of the above-mentioned events, plus where I moderated a CALL-IS EV Tech Tips Q&A session with numerous participants on March 26, and the Best of EVO presentations of the Intercultural Competence and TECHNO CLIL EVO sessions given by MushtakHusen, Letizia Cinganotto, and Daniela Cuccurullo, on March 27. 
Finally, you'll find this post augmented with show notes, Zoom chat logs where available, screenshots, and other relics intended to give you a reasonable reproduction of these events. I have included a table of contents to help direct you to the individual presentations.

Hope you enjoy all the great videos produced this and so many other virtual conference and webinars. Let us know if you've seen any you think we should watch,