#reflections on #evomc21 Week 4 with some examples of using Minecraft with students #evomc21 #reflections

Vance Stevens

Hi all,

It's taken a while for me to assemble my reflection on Week 4 of EVOMC21, but I've put a post together showing highlights and my impressions up through Feb 9. I included the 9th because though the week ended with Rose Bard's taking us through MineAcademy English Club, I thought Jamie Harrison's son Finch's tutorial on redstone basics two days later should be included as an example of how #Minecraft can engage students in ways I describe in my post here

I'm still crafting in my head my Week 5 reflection, but I hope to get around to that shortly.

The reflections above include video material from our LIve Sessions archived here

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This has been one of (if not) the most documented EVO Minecraft MOOC sessions ever.
In addition to the videos of the live events, over two dozen videos were prepared in advance of this year's EVOMC21 here

And people are still posting to our FB and Discord pages, and even meeting online in Minecraft in case you'd like to join us.

I'll let you know when my Week 5 reflection is ready, and if you'd like to make one yourself, or have posted some already, if you could post their existence on Twitter using our #evomc21 tag then your posts will be immortalized forever, however many days or hours that converts to in Internet time nowadays.

At least we'll be able to pick it up in this list, https://twitter.com/search?q=%23evomc21&src=typeahead_click&f=live 

Hope to catch up with you soon in one or more of the above spaces,

Teacher Vance