Demo of getting started with Minecraft on #evomc21 server at 12th Virtual Round Table WebCon April 16 11 am UTC #LiveEvents #evomc21

Vance Stevens

Hi all,

#Learning2gether episode 512 from the recent #apacall conference has been archived at but the Zoom videos have not yet materialized, so that is still a work-in-progress at the moment.
Meanwhile the show goes on. Episode 513 will occur as a part of the 12th Virtual Round Table WebCon #vrtcon, which starts at 1400 UTC today and continues through the 17th, see the program at, and note the live zoom registration link and YouTube and Facebook stream links at the top of the page.
Bobbi Bear and I will be presenting at 11:00 UTC April 16 on how to get started with #minecraft and how to survive the first night, a live demo on the #evomc21 server. If you want to join us, drop into Zoom, or if you CAN join us on the server, come empty handed. We'll be cobbling together resources by chopping trees and crafting tools and shelters. You can see our slides here

Hope to see you there,

Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear