Blogpost about in-game management and challenges posted by the participants #evomc21 #reflections


I finally finished my blogpost as promised at the end of the live session. I reflected on the challenges shared by the participants (a big thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to it.)

Your responses were grouped into cognitive and affective challenges. I did not tackle each one of them individually but added lots of food for thought for anyone who has watched or not to reflect on.

There was a particular interesting question added that I grouped as affective as it is related to students attitudes and behavior, which was "Aren't they 'socialized' to fight in video games generally?'

This question deserves a new post or a live session. I bought a book recently that I haven't been able to read yet. Values at Play in digital games. So whoever wrote that question, DM me. I'd love to hear more about your question. Maybe writing a blogpost together?


There are some of the challenges that I'd love to write a blogpost about when I find the time. Stay tuned. 

Vance Stevens

Hi Rose,

Thanks for creating your blog post and for tweeting it so that it appears in the twitter search here 

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