If you are planning to join us in 2021 please fill in the Google form

Vance Stevens

Hi all,

The Google Form for 2021 is ready at https://forms.gle/K2WhQAZNUg698ZCV7. If planning to participate in EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 it is essential that you fill in the form.

Moderators please fill in the form (to test and provide feedback). The form is designed to help us accept those who fit in with our policy description, given in the ABOUT section of our FB group and here,
(you can feed back on this too).

The form is used to help us identify who is on our server in any given year, for us to be able to whitelist you on that server, and for us to provide stats and demographics requested by EVO at the close of EVO sessions in February each year.

Even if you have filled out the form in previous years, please update the current form for the current year.


Teacher Vance