From what is a server to setting your client up to get you on the EVO Minecraft server #help #faq #ServerInfo #minecraft_installation

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I hope we can get back to using this list more productively. I've been carrying on a conversation in FB which I hope I can direct over here.

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Here's the conversation I was holding in FB, a bit scattered, and really hard to follow in FB without copying it and pasting it somewhere you can read it on one page, as I've done here. At the end I invited my interlocutant join this and carry on this conversation here.

Recently I use Discord and gradually learned that when they say “server” they actually meant a “group.” This fundamental misunderstanding prevented all of my comprehension. I thought I had to set up this little computer as a server which would cost several hundred dollars?

My Answer
ah, sorry about that. No, we have a server running and you are welcome to be whitelisted on it. We are gearing up for 2021 now. 
Q - Wait. In this case, “server” means Minecraft group, right?

A - Not quite, a server is any computer that hosts "server software" that allows others in its network to interact through the "server". Discord requires a server, Facebook requires a server, likely an array of them, and Minecraft MOOC has a server. You have to be whitelisted on our server.

You can find out more here,
In the sidebar there you can find informaton about our server, how to join our group in discord through its server, etc.

Before you can join us you have to get your copy of Minecraft from Mojang. Instructions are at 
Once you've got a user name let me know and I can have you whitelisted on our server.
Q - I am still having some difficulty comprehending (You are so advanced gamer! (-;) 
When you say "server" of Facebook, it refers to something like this.
However, when you say, "server" while using Discord, it simply means a "group" such as "SIG Virtual Worlds & Serious Games Eurocall/Calico.
That's why I was confused. Are you saying using the term "server" as the former (device), which is more commonly used----not the latter (group)?
A - The Google definition is correct "In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client–server model."

And that's what discord or FB is, it's a computer somewhere with this computer server software on it that "provides functionality for other programs or devices." So you log in on your computer to their server and you enjoy the functionality offered (through your client software, accessible through your browser).
For Minecraft we have a computer set up somewhere with Minecraft SERVER software on it. You install the CLIENT software on your computer. When you join us you log in to Minecraft on your client software and configure it to connect to our server. Here's how.
First you have to set your client to connect with our server by following instructions here
This isn't updated yet for this year but the server address is correct,
Then you have to get the correct version of Minecraft which happens to be 1.16.1 and here's how you do that (updated for this year). 
Why don't you join our list serv at and I can talk you through it better there