Live events scheduled and Server crash and move to backup server #Announcement #LiveEvents #ServerInfo #minecraft_installation

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update on the first week of EVO Minecraft MOOC #EVOMC20. So far we have had 16 newcomers (not all of them noobs in Minecraft, plus at least one snoob) fill in our registration form. Many of these did not provide Minecraft ID names, and at least one listed a Minecraft.EDU name, but we have been able to whitelist 8 new players on our server. One of these, Joe, aka Tricky Eel has been joining us in our recent online events. You can see what Joe has been up to where I have been archiving our events here,

Of course others have been archiving by posting Minecraft screenshots on Facebook and Discord, and events are being announced in FB and here in I have also been listing them at the link above and trying to provide links to the times wherever you are in the world for those events.

There are two events listed there now (and in FB and on our calendar) for today Jan 17 and tomorrow Jan 18, both at 17:00 UTC. You can fiind out more about them at the link above.

Unfortunately our 1.12.2 server crashed during our adventures yesterday, so we have had to move to Dakotah Redstone's 1.14.4 server until the classic server is restored. The information you see when you visit and click on Server_info in the sidebar has been updated to direct you to the new/temporary server, and has information on how to switch to 1.14.4. The direct link for that is

I have been engaged to do a set of workshops for the next two weeks in Thailand,
if you are interested, I hope to check in on #evomc20 as often as possible, but I don't know how often that will be, since they will have me flying between cities and doing workshops daily, with a plenary at ThaiTESOL at the end of it, but I'll be back home in Penang on Feb 2, in plenty of time to get back ine swing for the last two weeks of EVO Minecraft MOOC.

So I'll hand off to my co-moderators now and check in as often as I can.

Thanks all who are pitching in with so much effort and enthusiasm, and welcome all who have joined us. We're a small class, and we're here to help, so this is your ideal opportunity to get some one-on-one assistance in Minecraft if you'd like to join us online and learn with us. 

It is from playing with us that you see from your own experience how you can use Minecraft in your classes. There are half a dozen articles that several of us have written on how this happens at the end of our first two week's materials in our sylllabus here,

Looking forward to meeting you in world, and let us know if you need help
Teacher Vance