Re: Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators #evomc21 #planning

Vance Stevens

Hi Marijana,

Thanks for replying here. There hasn't been much traffic on this list. Planning has gone over to the Google Doc which you just asked to join (accepted :-).

I expect that this list will be used by people who are new to Minecraft and Discord or not on Facebook who have questions on how to get started. They can get personalized help here. Two dozen people have registered for our session so far. Six have listed themselves as Newbie, and this is only the second day of registration.

Rose Bard has produced a very short video introducing EVO Minecraft MOOC and showing the new spawn point created by Surajmuhke. I've put it on the front page of our wiki here:

There you can also find the registration link for the session,

Each person who wants to join us in Minecraft needs to register. Your registration helps us ascertain number and demographics of our participants, and when you provide a Minecraft user name we can be sure you (and your two gentlemen sons) are whitelisted on on our server for this year.

Please also check the Live Events page for 2021 here

There you can see that EVO kicks off in Zoom at 14:00 UTC on Sun Jan 10, and EVO Minecraft MOOC has it's first live session the next day also at 14:00 UTC, in Zoom and in Minecraft, screen shared for those who don't have it yet.

Details for join the meetings and times where you are - for these and events we are still planning - are given at the Live Events page. As soon as we can, we hope to have our meetings in Discord and Minecraft, so Discord needs to be a priority if you plan to stay with us throughout the session; see  

Unless you plan to lurk (and you would be welcome) you'll need to join us in Minecraft itself in order to gain full benefit from our session. Information on how to do that is overviewed on the Front Page of the wiki and also at

That's probably enough for now

Welcome to all our newbies and welcome again to one and all. If you have any questions you can create new topics here and ask them.

Hope to see you 'in world' soon,

Teacher Vance

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