Re: Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators #evomc21 #planning

Vance Stevens

Greetings to moderators and others who may be getting these mails as participants in EVO MInecraft MOOC,

Right now these mails are directed at moderators for the purpose of EVO planning. The minutes of our meeting yesterday are available (to moderators) here:

With an eye on the calendar, if you want to join us in EVOMC21 the call for Participation has been issued by EVO
and you can register for EVO sessions officially from Jan 3 through Jan 10, 2021.

EVO Minecraft MOOC tends to be more flexible, and you can register for our session at any time; see our proposal for instructions and more information

We're having to firm up our whitelist and registration for our session via the form you find at the link above is necessary for staying on the whitelist, or for newcomers to gain access to our server.

The EVO 2021 kickoff event is now set at 1400 UTC Sunday June 10.
I propose that we have our first EVOMC21 event the following day, which is the day after close of the official registration window, Sunday June 11, at 1400 UTC in Zoom. Once we've met initially in Zoom we'll try to move our EVOMC21 meetings into Minecraft and Discord.

EVO sessions run for 5 weeks through Feb 14, 2021.
EVO Minecraft MOOC tends to have people gathering there all year long.

I plan to call another planning meeting for moderators in Discord on Sunday Dec 27 at 1400 UTC, the normal time for our meetings (but not the normal day). By then we should have agreed on the date and time of our opening session

I will announce the event in Discord but if you wish to be involved in these meetings on others days / times you need to let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate other schedules. We need to hear from you though, otherwise we'll stick with the 1400 UTC times because when we have meetings at those times people often attend, and we've had no feedback so suggest we do otherwise.

After the meeting a week from now I'll probably stop using to communicate with moderators and throw it open to participants who want to use it to ask questions. Our group will attempt to use Discord and Facebook for EVOMC21 communications, but I recognize the need for an easily understood forum for those who need help with DIscord or who aren't on Facebook, or who might have questions they'd like to ask in an email forum.

Looking forward to the start of EVO 2021. Meanwhile I'll be standing by here (and in FB and Discord) to handle any questions or suggestions.

Teacher Vance

One of the items for our meeting y

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