Re: Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators #evomc21 #planning

Vance Stevens

Hi folks,

It looks like we've narrowed down to a focused group of moderators who are willing to meet regularly and who are all on Discord. All current EVOMC21 moderators are members of this list but this list seems to be a one-way communication channel.

Meanwhile in Discord we have a robot that sets our meetings for us. Sesh has just announced the following:

Sesh bot sez PlannersMeet, Saturday, Dec 19 ⋅ 6am PST

This was not on the agenda last week but needs to be addressed this week
When is our kickoff? (Vance suggests Monday Jan 11); see 

The time of the Discord meeting tomorrow, Saturday, is given here as per the WorldClock

If you can't make the meeting you can comment here or at the link above (the Google Doc) on when you think the EVOMC21 first meeting should be. I propose Monday Jan 11, 2021 at 1400 UTC, which is also 6 a.m. Seshbot time, or 9 am for those of you on the eastern seaboard USA.

If you want to meet to PLAN at different times we are open to additional meeting times on different days at different hours. We could also have the EVOMC21 kickoff on a different day at a different hour but that time seems to at least be when people who attend the planning meetings are up and about (or still awake).

If you have any input here we just need to hear from you.

If there is no further input from moderators here on planning I think I'll focus on Discord for organization from now on, until the sessions start.

I think it will be a good idea to include as one of the places we suggest that people join us (the others are Facebook and Discord). I will monitor any interaction here and if people come here with questions I'll steer them to Facebook and Discord as best I can.

Facebook is great for sharing photos and experiences but it's difficult to find needed information there. I've tried to put as much needed information as possible at Discord is wonderful for interaction and we have channels there that can help filter out information, so it's an ideal portal except that many educators are not familiar with it. Most people can handle email which is why I intend to suggest everyone join this in January. All of these spaces have their affordances and all have their disadvantages, but with the three of them, everyone has a space they can find what they need to know in the critical early days when people are trying to orient on our activities and might leave in frustration if they can't get their questions answered.

If you have anything to add either as a participant or moderator (we have both as members of this group) it would be great to get your input here,

Teacher Vance

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