Re: Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators #evomc21 #planning

Vance Stevens

Dear all,

This is quick follow up on my last mail, the first of many follow-ups as we gear up for the start of EVO Minecraft MOOC the second week in January. It is mainly directed at the moderators of EVOMC21 who are members of this list, but those who are not moderators are welcome to sit in on these emails and also to reply if you have any opinions on our discussions.

The first thing here is to let you know that our session has officially been accepted this year, as of yesterday Dec 6. I have posted the acceptance letter in our organizational document which only moderators can access. You can find it through its table of contents. If you are a moderator and don't have access to this document please request to join it:

Our weekly organizational meeting last night, Dec 5, was attended only by me and Dakotah. I found it very entertaining to have a chance to talk to Dak and pick his brain topics ranging from his philosophy of education to what I could do with all the lapis lazuli I was finding while mining at level 11, which I was in fact doing while talking to him, multitasking.

I'll ask in Discord what people want to do about future moderator meetings, but we are using that and to try and reach people where they live, so to speak. Some of us hang out in Discord, others respond to email, most of us are on Facebook, but that's not where we should do our moderator planning.

It could have been that our meeting Dec 5 conflicted with the start of the OpenSim conference which I had thought started the hour after we had scheduled our meeting. It was a two day conference, Dec 5 and 6, but it's Dec 7 where I am now and I was just listening to the last of the livestream. It's all on YouTube, all of them going back for as long or longer than EVO Minecraft MOOC has been in play (2015). The live stream for this year appears to have just ended.

Our Google Doc tracks all the issues needing resolution as we move toward start of EVOMC21 about a month from now. If you are a moderator and wish to be involved you should be checking there. A couple of things added since last week:

The opening session of EVO 2021 will be on Sunday Jan 10. The "official" registration period goes through Jan 11, so we could have our EVOMC21 kickoff Sat Jan 9 (the official start date of EVO 2021) or on Monday Jan 11, the "official" end of registration, or whenever we feel like it. I suggest we have it in Zoom and create a record explaining how people can get into Discord and where we live on Facebook. Decisions, decisions :-)

Apart from that, the items in our document (which would in turn be the agenda for our meetings) remain pretty much the same as last week.

Our group of moderators has been doing this year after year and in essence we get into Minecraft, get newcomers to follow us there, and interact with everyone in Minecraft and in Discord / Facebook (with an option for people who aren't on FB or need help getting into the other two spaces). One of the more important issues is whether or not to have a community space on the server as we have had in previous years and if yes, who will create it. Also, do we have a program of regular or ad hoc meetings? If so, there is a schedule there where people can be writing in their suggestions.

I suggest we use this to begin with as a place to rally troops before we all head off into battle on the server, and to pick up those who straggle in once we're in session, but there has been push back on that from two coordinators and we need weigh-in from others. The question is what instructions to put on our front page at to tell people what spaces to join in order to communicate with us, just FB and Discord, or as well.

Any thoughts on any of these issues from any on this list would be appreciated.

For a full list of issues please see the moderators-only document. We need to settle them there and in Discord, or here on this list. If issues remain unresolved when we start our session, they will become non-issues and we'll do what we usually do, play in Minecraft and welcome others there and show them around and get them familiar with the environment as a space for professional development and its potential for use with students.


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