Preparations for EVOMC21 - Meant for current and past moderators #evomc21 #planning

Vance Stevens

Dear members of Minecraft MOOC

Ten of you are moderators of the upcoming EVO Minecraft MOOC for 2021. Six of you have been moderators in past years, and the remaining 10 members of this list have joined us as participants in one of our recent EVOMC sessions. This message is addressed to all current and past EVOMC moderators who wish to be involved in planning our upcoming EVOMC21.

Some of us have been meeting in Discord once a week for the past few weeks. We plan to meet next on Dec 5 at 1400 UTC. Moderators are welcome to join us, or if that is an inconvenient time for you, we could add additional times, if you want to meet with us and discuss some of the many issues that we have been tackling over the past few weeks.

We have been documenting these discussions and issues here,

This document is accessible only to current and past moderators. All but three current moderators (or moderator family teams) have already requested and received access to this document and I am now sharing it with the other three current moderators, so that all those most concerned can be involved in planning (past moderators may request access if interested).

There is a table of contents in this document where you can easily find an overview pointing to issues that might interest you or that you might like to be involved in.

One issue that came up in our meeting yesterday was the issue of this and how it should be used in the upcoming EVOMC21. To catch up on this issue, please see the part of the document starting here:

And then the action item here

Note that I plan to poll you on your opinion on this issue before the EVO CfP (call for participation in this case) goes out around Dec 6.

Thanks all those who are participating in our planning toward having a successful EVOMC21 this January-Feb, and to those who have joined us as participants in the past, welcome back. You can visit what we are developing for you in the usual place,, and of course you can follow us on Facebook,

Hope you and yours are staying healthy,

Teacher Vance

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