Re: Event: Minecraft Monday: Networking with VSTE Community - Monday, 3 February 2020 #cal-invite

Vance Stevens

Hi everyone,

Minecraft Mondays are confusing time-wise. The event is held on the first Monday of almost every month by people in Maine using Virginia time zones (same as Maine). It's 8 pm for them on the Monday.

Meanwhile it's 1 hour past midnight UTC the following day. In other words, the date for most people across the ocean and far away east of the USA is Tue Feb 4.

The link below is to the time I believe it is worldwide. Can someone check and confirm please?

I've set the event announcement at Missions4MC to reflect the time on Feb 4

If I am correct you'll need to change the time in the announcements made. Otherwise I'll need to change my announcements.

Incidentally Bobbi Bear and I are at the airport in Bangkok on our way home to Penang and we hope to resume regular activity in MC from now till the end of the EVO session.

I'm do to give a workshop in Phnom Penh next week and I'll be at CamTESOL there for a few days, but we should be able to connect in MInecraft from there. It won't be as busy as the 9 workshops I conducted in 4 cities in Thailand over the last two weeks, plus a plenary, all of which took a bit of preparation and constant fine tuning.

Time for relaxation now.

Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear


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