Re: A82X ON 80 & T30 – 40M

Ralph Bellas


I am not too worried about working T6 and I need it on lots of bands.  Robert has been working tons of Europeans, but it is generally too early for us.  So let him get the competition out of the way.  As it gets darker earlier we will have a better shot and he is building up his antennas, so will be stronger.  This is a great opportunity for us.


I worked T30 on 80 and 40 just for fun.  They were OK on 160, but an hour past our time.  I always like to support his DXpeditions since they are to uncommon places, they put in a lot of effort, and they are efficient. 


Go after A82 with a vengeance.  That has become real rare, so get it while you can.


Back to working on the station…. It’s endless.


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Good report, I'll try for the T30. FB on the swimming too; that keeps the energy level up. I swim too & I also installed a Bowflex M3 in my studio so I have the energy for DX.


A82X has been on 80 3 nights in a row; I'm hoping for 1 more night of 160 M. Oh! before ZK3A QRT, they were on RTTY on 15 and 20. I forgot that RTTY is fun.

T6AA was on CW this morning, the best path seems to be skewed over Eastern EU; I'm monitoring for an FT8 Q.


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