T30 – 40M

Ralph Bellas

T30GC 7.006 up 1.1


These guys have lots of experience in the Pacific and know our openings.  Look for them on 160 before daybreak.



Busy times here at the farm:

Spent a good morning in the sunshine with N7MB putting together a tall 160 M vertical.  We worked on the 80 M yesterday.  I have to order a bunch of stainless hardware, but the project is going well.  Mounted the VA6AM bandpass filters on the wall tonight.  420 QSOs today in CWTs and lots of swimming at the gym.  Mounted a metal box at the base of the tower so I can try to troubleshoot my SteppIR which rarely works on 40.  Time to take a weed whacker to the ground rods used for the beverages.  The neighbors have been busy harvesting and my field will be soon I hope.



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