Canine Megaesophagus (and Esophogeal Dysmotility Disorders)


This is a group support for owners of dogs (and cats) that have, had, or may have Megaesophagus or Esophageal Dysmotility Disorder. Megaesophagus, in which the esophagus loses muscle tone and enlarges due to lack of nerve function, results in the inability to propel food and/or liquid through the esophagus and into the stomach. This often results in "regurgitation" (material falls from mouth without warning, versus "vomiting," which occurs after wretching). Because some material may then be inhaled into the lungs, Aspiration Pneumonia is often a result. Many of these pets regurgitate everything that they eat and/or drink which results in lack of nutrition, and/or dehydration, and/or death.

This group was established in 2002 in memory of Rusty, Dave and Katy's beloved golden retriever. The group has moved from Yahoo, which stopped supporting support groups, to as of January 2020. We share suggestions and information regarding what works for each dog and cat. "It takes a village...."

NOTE: We are not associated with, nor do we advise purchase from any online Bailey Chair manufacturers!!!! The best fitting and most successful Bailey Chairs are those that are built for a SPECIFIC dog, and one which can be adjusted close to the home of that dog by the builder. 

Please check out helpful information in the "Files" and "Photos" on the left side of this site (you must "sign up" at upper right corner to see files and photos).  For Newbies, please visit the Newbie Primer file and consider sharing it with your veterinarian to facilitate discovering the best management protocol for YOUR pet.

ATTENTION VETERINARIANS: We invite your membership and any suggestions you may have as we continuously seek to improve our information and support for those in need of help dealing with pets having what used to be a very ominous prognosis. Our collective hands-on experience in the day to day care of these dogs for almost two decades may be helpful as you aid the owner in negotiating how to best manage an individual patient. Please be reassured that we are careful to remind list users that other than our list volunteer adviser, who is a veterinarian, most members are not, and we urge those seeking information to take it back to discuss with their pet's veterinary professional. We appreciate any helpful suggestions.

THE BAILEY CHAIR: The Bailey Chair is a valuable aid for providing food to dogs with megaesophagus (some cats will accept the Chair, but, often having the owner "wear" the cat in a Snugli is effective). A FREE VIDEO ($6.60 for copying and mailing, please) or Internet link to same (no charge) is available with detailed instructions on how to build and use the Bailey Chair for dogs of all sizes. It also includes information and pointers on day to day management of this disorder.  Information on feeding tubes and on nebulizing pets is also covered. Photographs of Bailey Chairs and Bailey Chair substitutions are located in the photos section, to the left, and in some of the files. To order the video, or to obtain the online link, please contact Donna Koch, the inventor of the Bailey Chair at

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