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Drew Lanphere

Sorry - m31, the Cave Nebula and The Pelican Nebula. Tried to put it in the pdf name with exposure information but I may have messed that up. 

.  Please excuse any typographical errors.  

On Jul 21, 2018, at 5:54 AM, Stuart Forman <s24man@...> wrote:

Drew what were these images of?

On Jul 18, 2018, at 10:36 PM, Drew Lanphere <dlanphere@...> wrote:

Hi Stu.  It was good to meet the group and the meeting was really informative; I’ll be trying to get out for some planetary soon.


I’ve attached three images from the last month.  The M31 was taken with an AT65EDQ refractor, while the other two were with an AT115EDT refractor with .8 focal reducer.  All were taken an ASI294MC, with an ASI120MM guide camera and 50mm guidescope.




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Hi all

It’s that time again.  Send me your images for this month




<Cave Nebula(125x120sRGB; 100x180xHA).jpg>
<Pelican Nebula (80x180sHA; 42x180RGB).jpg>

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