Re: First successful (sort of) imaging run

Stuart Forman

Okay, that one was too bright.  

Looking at the .fits header of your first one it appears that your exposure time is .03125 seconds.  The average ADU of that image was 
Red: 2602, Green 1609, Blue 890

What's weird is that the fits header says that it's .85 seconds, but the .fits editor says it's .03125 seconds.  I'm believing the .03125 seconds especially since your 1 second flat is saturated.  

The second one was an exposure of 1 second, which was nearly saturated, but with screwy values
Red 0 (!), Green 14956, Blue 16123.

I have no idea why your red pixels measure zero.  

How are you doing your flats?

Here is a screen shot of the fits editor data--see "exposure time in seconds". 

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 11:26 AM, Mstafforini via Groups.Io <Mstafforini@...> wrote:
OK, this is a long exposure.  Bit pixel aid says it averages 233 pixels.  Please let me know if this is better.



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