Re: First successful (sort of) imaging run

Stuart Forman

Your target ADU for your flat is 40-50% of your max ADU.  The max ADU for your camera is 2^14=16384.  Therefore your target ADU is about 7500.  

The measured ADU of your flat master was about 3300, which may be too dark to create an effective flat.  The method of measuring using an 8 bit scale and a histogram is notoriously inaccurate because it autostretches the image.  Try doubling the time and uploading a .fits.  I will measure it for you.  It may seem too bright but it won't be.  When I have a chance I will measure your uploaded single flat and screen shot my measurement to show you what I am doing.  

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 9:30 AM, Mstafforini via Groups.Io <Mstafforini@...> wrote:
Opps!  Here is the .fit file.

If I double the time, it tends to fill up to 255 pixels.  In fact, it fills up at 1 second.  And I had to put four layers of T-short on the scope to keep it under. The above image averaged out at 126 pixels, just under 50 percent.


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