Re: Help with Guide scope

Michael Lewis

My first autoguiding rig was an Orion ST80 with an Orion Starshoot Monochrome camera. When first trying to focus it I found that I had to add a Focus tube extension to get to focus. I'm not familiar with the camera you are using but you may have the same issue.

PHD2 is great software. It has some under the hood stuff that makes it try very hard to resolve stars. An unfortunate result of this is that if focus is too far off it gives you a screen full of hash, just like what you're getting.

When trying to focus use small increments in adjustment then wait for the image to download. For instance if you're using a 2 second exposure make an adjustment, then wait 4 seconds. Remember that when you're making the adjustment the focus is changing during an exposure and the downloaded image won't represent the actual focus point. The next one will.

This takes time to get right the first time, but with some measurement of the result it will be quickly and easily repeatable. In fact with my Orion Autoguide package and my current system I added focus extension tubes and locked the focuser so that everything is already in focus when I set up, no fuss.

Good luck.

On Jul 8, 2018, at 6:52 PM, Mstafforini via Groups.Io <Mstafforini@...> wrote:

Still no luck getting focus. PHD says the camera and mount are connected. But in daylight, aiming at Mt. Diablo across the straights, I get only static and its the same as I adjust focus across the full focus range.

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