draw.io - cheap and easy flowcharting (Pixinsight workflow documentation)

Al Smith

Hi Guys,

I happened upon

which is a pretty cool online, free, easy flowcharting tool. It's quite intuitive if you have
any experience in ppoint/openoffice/etc. I wanted for a while to scribe out my PI workflows
so I can print em out and scribble on them when I'm processing, so I used draw.io. The example
here is for my basic workflow - bin1 RGB using a synthetic luminance and right now I've completed
up to the images initial non-linear point (after which my flow is a free for all anyway :)
You can store your document on google drive and it works seamlessly with the tool.

I think I set up the permissions correctly, let me know if any probs. This is a pdf produced
as output:


And the native document itself:


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