Re: Jupiter with Firecapture

Andy Coutant

Looks great Robert 

btw how do you like that  Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector?  have you looked or shot through it with and without and seen a big improvement?

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:02 AM, Robert Minor <rhminor@...> wrote:
Finally a clear night!

First night out with Firecapture on Mac, with Autostakkert and a little Photoshop.

C8 at f/10, Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector, ZWO ASI178 - not cooled,  100 frames from 1000 - center crop of 600 x 480 of 2080 x 3096.
Plate scale 0.24 arc sec/ pixel

Seeing was mediocre, but the tools worked well.  

Firecapture is a much more flexible and controllable tool than the other Mac based capture programs -
Oacapture, or Planetary Imager.  Autostakkert runs under Wine - should work with Crossover as well.



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