more on Firecapture

Robert Minor

A little more on Firecapture on the Mac.  Same conditions as in the earlier posting.

This is a comparison of the results from two runs - one with debayering during acquisition and one without.

The “RGB” version was debayered as the data was acquired, and the “RAW” was debayered in Autostakkert during processing.

There is a large difference in file size:  1000 full frames  RGB is 19GB, RAW is 6.4 GB.  Files are, of course,  much smaller when ROI (Region of Interest)  is used.

Recommendation was to use RAW for better quality, but I like to watch in color while the data is taken, and not sure that I see the advantage.

The two stacked images were copied to the same file, flattened and then processed in PS, so the processing is identical for each.


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