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This is going to all MDAS board and committee folks and newsletter contributors:

The deadline for submitting items for the June 2018 issue of our Moonwatch newsletter is end of day May 30th.   Hoping for astrophotos this month!

If you are planning to submit something that is not a regular feature, please let me know by May 21st so I can plan room for it. 

Also, could the Board let me know me about any items from the Board Meeting that I should be including or announcing?

Newsletter Article Specs:
1. Full page articles: up to 375 words with 2 images or 1 image with lettering.  (425 words with 1 non-lettered image)  Please reduce word count by at least 50 for each image with lettering.
2. Special events or reports (2 pages) can be up to 700 words with 3 - 4 images. (Please notify newsletter editor at least one week before deadline.)
3. Half page articles: up to 150 words with one image.
4. Image display page: up to four images with up to 100 words of text.
5. What's Up: Title plus 25 words or less.
6. Letters: 175-word limit or 75-word limit and one image.
7. For Sale: 50-word limit with one image. Include name, email & phone (not counted in word limit).

When you include images please also include image credits.
Thanks, everyone!

Marni Berendsen
Mount Diablo Astronomical Society

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