Tarantula nebula

Stuart Forman

I've been bouncing this image back and forth between Mike, Chris and me and they've been helping me improve it.

Tarantula nebula. Limited data, but dark sky site. The Tarantula nebula is a large nebula only seen in the Southern Hemisphere. This data was remotely acquired by Hamza Touhami of Hyperion Astronomy using the program Prism. It was acquired by a 14.5" f4.6 Newtonian on a Nova 120 mount with a QSI 532 camera in an observatory in the Atacema Desert in Chile. Equipment owned by Bob Sandness. Hamza preprocessed in Prism, and I processed the masters in Pixinsight. It could benefit from more data, but this data was pretty clean. I ran it through no smoothing at all.

About 5 hours of lum, and 1 hour each of RGB

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