YOUTUBE/Belly of the Beast: Cuban Protests after Hurricane Ian “Not Political”

Walter Lippmann

Greg Klave
October 3, 2022

Recent reports on the blackout caused by Hurricane Ian in Cuba and interviews with Cubans demanding electricity be restored quicker in their neighborhoods counter the misinformation from US mainstream news about Cuba being a failed state. As deaths in Florida and Georgia rise to 100 Cuba had no deaths due to their excellent emergency services of coordinated public evacuation to safe places. WALTER: There are English subtitles of the interviews with the protesters. YOUTUBE: Oct 3, 2022 In the last week, some Cubans protested power outages in the wake of Hurricane Ian. By Saturday, power had returned to 95% of Havana, but frustration boiled over in some areas still without electricity. In the working-class Cerro neighborhood, protesters insisted they were not seeking political change. Police directed traffic, allowing demonstrators to block the road. On Saturday night in the middle-class Vedado neighborhood, most protesters demanded only that their electricity be restored. Security forces did not break up the protest, but later in the night, a few protesters were detained.