Yesterday as today, the policy of appeasement has only led to disaster!

John Reimann

by Yorgos Mitralias
Introduction by Oaklandsocialist: On November 19, a variety of US “peace groups”, plus speakers like former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and former Green Party candidate for president Jill Stein convened a meeting for “negotiations and “peace” in Ukraine. Hiding behind that slogan was in practice support for Putin. Here, Yorgos Mitralias explains the issue in light of the response to Hitler’s invasions.)

It was enough for the Ukrainian army to advance towards Kherson and to approach Crimea to bring back the “encouragement” and “advice” of Westerners to the Ukrainian authorities to stop being “inflexible” and not to insist too much on recovering the whole of the territories occupied by Putin’s Russia! In short, they ask Ukraine to agree to be mutilated, abandoning for example Crimea to its invader and occupier…

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Charles Keener

As a Green, I was interested in Jill Stein's unfortunate stance. 

Howie Hawkins discussed this topic at length on his podcast yesterday: (54) #GreenSocialist Notes #99 - YouTube