Why the British SWP and Socialist Appeal could be in serious crisis over the Ukraine war; and the Socialist Party of England and Wales could be in its worse crisis due to its half way house on how to confront pro-Monarchist moods among the masses!

Anthony Brain


Mark Baugher

On Sep 23, 2022, at 6:13 PM, Anthony Brain <brainanthony3904@...> wrote:

What does "The Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) on their Newsline website have explained two to three days ago the class stakes to stop capitalist restoration in Ukraine and the neo-Nazi forces" mean? How can there be a "capitalist restoration in Ukraine" when Ukraine is already capitalist?


Alex Dillard

Good article, I do ask what the AWL is going through right now.


David Walters

The author believes that Russia/USSR never went through a counter-revolution and that both Ukraine and Russia are "workers states". Seriously.

Michael Pugliese

The Newsline article , with that title : "Putin Calls For
Referendums In The Donbass And For Workers To Decide To Join Russia!,"
is a bit fantastical with its claim of a Ukrainian ,"fierce and
revolutionary working class, determined to defend the gains of the
Russian Revolution," which , at least to my knowledge , at least when
it comes to mass, militant class struggle of a recognizably socialist
character has not been seen since 2014 ,
http://www.marxist.com/ukraine-lugansk-strike.htm ,
, though there have been limited strike actions , recently,
https://internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article7825 ,
https://internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article7815 , see these 2
articles from this month . By what I see here,
, there is some tenuous opinion among the miners for the DPR

The article in Newsline of the WRP,
, also implies that Victoria Newland's boast of $5 billion in aid,
delivered in this speech ,
, from 1991-2013 , was specifically funnelled only to Right Sector .
The $5 billion in aid, has since 2014 , acquired the status of one of
those factoids, rarely unpacked, except by fact checking sites,
, never checked by the credulous conspiracy theory crowd , though I
did find this unpacking from a website I did not expect to find it in
, https://southfront.org/how-i-spent-nulands-5-billion/ . Russian
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has alleged that Nuland had meetings
with the Ukrainian neofascist group Right Sector in Washington DC ,
specifically with Right Sector coordinator (Andrei) Artyomenko ,
. By this article ,
. which to me has a whiff of Dezinformatsia,
, Nuland offered $5-10 million of financing , I assume via the NED to
Pravy Sektor for party building.