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My mother and father (Abel and Anne Meeropol) visited the Soviet Union and told me years later that all decisions especially those involving working and planning decisions at the factory level were discussed thoroughly by the workers involved -- when I was in college and we had a "brief" introduction to how Soviet style central planning worked, we learned that decisions are "proposed" at the top and discussed down and up the decision-making ladder (all the way to the factory floor) twice --- before final decisions were made.

My parents even observed one of these plant level discussions.   

When I naively mentioned this to one of my high school acquaintances who was criticizing the Soviet Union, he asked, "Does your mother speak Russian?" --- (and a lightbulb went on in my head) ---

Now of COURSE it is possible that what this writer describes is the REALITY of Chinese politics rather than a facade --- but having been bitten twice (once by the Stalinism of my upbringing --- once by my belief that the Cultural Revolution in China really was a form of direct democracy!) I am now VERY SHY of these arguments. 

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Just wait until Grover Furr weighs in.

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