US imperialism and the pink tide

Duane Filan

"Is the struggle against US imperialism the left's foremost priority worldwide, no matter what view is taken on the Ukraine war?"

Today, the people of Mexico are on the march to defend their sovereignty and to protect their  government - the govt of Andres  Manuel Lopez Obredor (AMLO). March 18 is a national holiday, and people are celebrating the 85th anniversary of the expropiación petrolera and  the creation of  the state-owned oil company Pemex.
(any excuse for a party :-)

Lindsey Graham helped mobilize the masses this year with his threat last week to invade across the rio grande again.

This is the fifth big march in the last four months - two by the right, two by the left and the women's day march, all of them peaceful.

The coalition of the  right led off  and mobilized 60 thousand supporters with its first march in November "to save democracy". AMLO answered two weeks later with 1.2 million. 

Vatican described it this way, "A huge march through the heart of Mexico shows the firm grass roots political support for the president while countermanding a recent rally, which accused him of interfering with democracy. Clogging the streets, thorofares and just about everywhere else, they kept coming, hour after hour."

In February the right marched a second time and this time got out about 100 thousand  (drone technology has greatly improved crowd size estimating). The colours of the march were again  pink and white - pink t-shirts and white skin. 

The M8 march to protest against missing and murdered women and girls  was also  about  100 thousand, and except for the vendors was all women.

I'm watching the fiesta from my armchair en vivo. Today's march by the left has equaled the size of its first.

One love (what about the heart?)
One heart (what about the love?)
Let's get together and feel all right