Those of you who follow the labor movement in the USA, and I imagine that's a lot of you, probably already know about recent internal elections in the UAW and other unions partially overturning control by corrupt bureaucratic machines. What kind of leadership can we expect from the insurgent union leaders? We may not be seeing a brand new day, yet. This is a very important issue in the short term with major auto contracts coming up, and with the UPs contract coming up for the IBT. 

Here is an important post from PayDay Report regarding this issue.

"Brancato isn’t the only UAW union democracy activist, who is skeptical of Fain’s victory. Will Lehamn ran against Fain and Curry in the first round, but lost badly, receiving only 4.6% of the vote. He cautions against seeing Fain’s victory as a revolt of the membership. Out of 1.1 million eligible active workers and UAW retirees, only 136,485 members voted. 

“The narrow result and low turnout show Fain and Curry struggled equally to win votes beyond their own bureaucratic networks and that neither bureaucrat has significant support among the rank and file,” said Lehman. “In the runoff, although many locals actually took measures to notify workers of the election (they did not in the first round), Fain and Curry each won votes from only about 5 percent of the rank-and-file membership”.