the 'science'of meditation


Meditation/Mindfulness is a can of worms IF you go chasing the science. 'Tis very hard to tie down in way of effects as 'feelings' aren't statistics.

As a lifestyle I tend to be a tad hostile to because of the oft association with ethereal metaphysics.Gautama Buddha -- I'm looking at you, kid.
But I've always appreciated the Zen-ness of conscious movement.
Static or sedentary meditation is so unlike me and my fidgets.
Since I do come from an age when Biofeedback was the fashionable rage -- at least in my 'hood -- I defer to the physiology of conscious slowness, breath and heart rate.
While working in mental health, I'm no stranger to relaxation therapies, which are essentially guided meditations.
But over time I became interested in drone sounds and especially Sufi rhythms -- plying at me from Bandung to Timbuktu. This drew me to an interest in frame drums -- especially the Daf.
I love the Daf because it is not essentially religious despite its pitter-pattering.
Then I moved onto soundscapes. And that, my friends, was a revelation which is now an addiction. Anything with water -- rain, stream or sea -- turns me 'off' in the nicest way. 'Tis a great way to dose off...accompanied by meteorology or aquatics.
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