on Ukraine: glimmer of light in DSA

Dayne Goodwin

I learned about this article because John Reimann shared it on a
Ukraine solidarity network list yesterday morning. It is a glimmer of
light in the darkness of ultraleft campist dominance on the u.s.
"left", including in the DSA's 'International Committee'.

What Can the Left Actually Do About Ukraine?
by Kyle Shybunko and Alex Gendler
Socialist Forum, Winter/Spring 2023

. . .
Much of the Western left analysis of Ukraine begins with a simple
premise: a pre-emptive hostility to US military policy, and a
conviction that it’s of primary importance for socialists to be seen
as opposing it. While this seems to be an obvious application of
anti-imperialist principles, it can easily lead us astray. Firstly, it
instills a motivated reasoning that undermines our own ability to
accurately assess global events. Our discomfort with ending up “on the
same side” as NATO or the Pentagon has led many to reach for the most
palatable narratives rather than seeking the most accurate analysis of
the situation, wherever that takes us. The result is that even outside
of explicitly pro-Russia circles it is not uncommon to hear that the
popular Maidan uprising was actually a “US-instigated fascist coup”;
that the sniper killings that escalated the protests into a
confrontation with the state were a “false flag” operation; that
Ukraine has killed “14,000 ethnic Russians” in the Donbas region and
banned the Russian language; that pro-Russian protesters were
“massacred” in Odesa; or that the Minsk Accords failed solely because
of Ukraine or the US rather and that the Russian side bears little or
no responsibility – all repeated with absolute confidence despite much
evidence to the contrary.
. . .