Kavita Krishna to speak on why we should pay attention to Narendra Modi

John Reimann

Lifelong Indian revolutionary socialist Kavita Krishnan will be speaking on Zoom this coming Sunday morning on the growing global role of India's Narendra Modi. I am guessing that everybody on this list knows who Modi is and the danger he represents. Kavita, herself, is an important and courageous figure in the socialist world.

This Zoom event is presented by the Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign. It starts at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Coast time. NOTE: The U.S. sets clocks ahead one hour Sunday.

To read more about how Kavita will be phrasing matters, see:  https://bit.ly/3ZgW8Np

To register for the event, see: http://bit.ly/3xZXDUj

John Reimann
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