France: exacerbation of historic conflict

John Reimann

by Yorgos Mitralias
"In France, the popular mobilisation of 7 March did not disappoint expectations and was indeed of historic proportions. That is why, moreover, it immediately provoked a new and even greater escalation of the conflict between President Macron and the trade unions but also between him and the vast majority of French citizens ! This is because, even by the estimates of the French police, the demonstrations of March 7 were unprecedented and were the largest ever in the country, breaking every previous record of massiveness, at least in the last 40 years ! So according to the official estimate of the authorities, 1.28 million demonstrators took part, but according to the trade unions the participation “exceeded 3 million” and in Paris it reached 700,000! And of course, new polls show that popular opposition to the (anti)reform bill remains stable (over 70%), and in some cases is even growing, while it is always the majority of French people (50%) who support the blockade of the country by the strikers, even though it will cause them important inconvenience!(1)"
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