Campaign for the freedom of persecuted Argentine militants

John A Imani

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Date: Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 11:59 AM
Subject: Campaign for the freedom of persecuted Argentine militants
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Buenos Aires, March 10th

Comrade John Imani

Comrades of like minded organizations and activists

Attached to this message you will find the reasons behind the campaign we are pursuing  against the sentences dealt to Argentinian leftist militants César Arakaki (of the PO- Worker’s Party) and Daniel Ruiz (of the PSTU-Unified Worker’s Socialist Party). 

It is our intention to create a nationwide and international mobilization for their freedom. In Argentina there will be rallies, demonstrations and pronouncements for this cause. We would like to achieve that on an International scale: by signing letters and emailing them directly to the court and sending a copy to our commission so it can be reproduced. Ideally, we ask for your personal statements, but we also ask for your help spreading the message amongst leaders of political organizations and workers unions from your countries, human rights activists, artists and notable people. A flood of demands against the prosecution of Arakaki and Ruiz should fill the courts. 

The day the court will meet to discuss the final, Thursday the 13th of April, a massive demonstration will be held in front of their offices. It would be important, if you have the means to do so, to deliver copies  at the embassies or consulates of Argentina all around the world. 

We hope to count with your efforts and we’re open to any inquiries you might have or any initiatives you might propose on this endeavor. 

In solidarity and struggle

International Commission of the Partido Obrero (Argentina) 

(Member of the Solidarity Commission for the freedom of Arakaki and Ruiz) 

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