A Trump tale with a twist

John Reimann

I hope readers enjoy my tale...

'Trump seemed positively enthusiastic about his being indicted by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. At home and alone with Melania (who in general avoided like the plague having to spend alone time with her husband), he was all smiles. Shouting and carrying on, “How could they dare? I’ve been doing what I want for 35 years and it’s only now that they decide to do something? This is persecution! They think they’re being smart. This is the best thing they could ever have done for my campaign. You can start calling me Mr. President again.”

“Yes, dear. You certainly are right, dear. As always… Please excuse me. I have an urgent call,” she said as she made her way to the bathroom. But to no avail, Trump stood outside the bathroom door shouting and carrying on.

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Michael Meeropol


(the "riot" in Selma changing public opinion is just like what happened on Bloody Sunday way back when ... so, it might actually happen --)

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I hope readers enjoy my tale...