Fear And Loathing Among The Union Busters

Steven L. Robinson



Fear And Loathing Among The Union Busters


At a gathering of the National Restaurant Association’s legal arm, lawyers and executives grappled with a worker uprising.


By Julia Rock/LeverNews/Jan 31, 2023


[This is a lengthy piece. See the two concluding paragraphs below]


The tactics, such as “old-fashioned captive audience [speeches],” remain the same, with a slightly different twist to match the moment. But among the people tasked with identifying and stamping out worker upheaval and union activity, there was a strong sense over the course of the conference that a shift was underway. The American labor movement is undoubtedly continuing a decades-long trend of decline, but you wouldn’t have known it listening to corporate lawyers at the Restaurant Legal Summit attempt to convince management that they are still in control.


As Forman reminded them, “Lost in this discussion sometimes — and [Abruzzo’s] presentation — it’s your company! You own it.”