Ukraine (was Re: [marxmail] Moderators Note: What should be done with the Marxism List?

Mark Baugher

On Jan 31, 2023, at 10:01 AM, Vladimiro Giacche' <vladimiro.giacche@...> wrote:

IMHO Vijava Kumar is right .
There is no “interminable debate on the topic”. There is, on the contrary, an interminable series of one-sided posts, with few exceptions and sometimes using arguments hardly different from those of a hardliner neo-con.
People who think different aren’t discouraged: they are, I think, simply annoyed and therefore silent.
No one is stopping you, Marla, or anyone else from posting their views about Ukraine - free of name calling, insults, and abuse. At least, that's the moderators' goal. But if you don't like the company you find yourself in, there is nothing moderation can do about that.

And I don't know why we're discussing Ukraine on a "Moderators Note" thread. Why don't you start a separate thread, put "Ukraine" somewhere in the subject line, and share your views there?

The Moderators Note thread is about what to do regarding future direction and governance of the marxmail list. Getting rid of all the posters whose views somebody doesn't like is out of scope.