Workers face off with cops at government-supported Foxconn factory, demand promised pay


Workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China clash with police, videos show

By CNN's Beijing bureau and Jake Kwon, November 23, 2022

Beijing/Hong Kong  — Workers at China’s largest iPhone assembly factory were seen confronting police, some in riot gear, on Wednesday, according to videos shared over social media.

Hundreds of workers faced off with law enforcement officers, many in white hazmat suits, on the Foxconn campus in Zhengzhou. In the footage, now blocked, some of the protesters could be heard complaining about their pay and sanitary conditions.

The scenes come days after Chinese state media reported that more than 100,000 people had signed up to fill positions advertised as part of a massive recruitment drive held for Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant.

After a Covid outbreak last month, the site was ordered to lock down, leading some anxious factory workers to flee. Foxconn said it had quadrupled daily bonuses for workers at the plant this month.

Workers said Foxconn failed to honor their promise of an attractive bonus and pay package. Numerous complaints have also been posted anonymously on social media platforms accusing Foxconn of having changed the salary packages previously advertised.

Searches for “Foxconn” on Chinese social media now yield few results, an indication of heavy censorship.

“Regarding violent behaviors, the company will continue to communicate with employees and the government to prevent similar incidents from happening again,” Foxconn said in a statement in Chinese.


The government is too busy urging retired soldiers to help Foxconn maintain output after many workers fled to avoid lockdown in the factory (previously reported, see below).

You may be interested in the analysis at my article, "Apple’s Profits and Foxconn Workers’ Wages," , including a review of ludicrous political economy calculations from Vishay Prasad. —C.A.


Chinese authorities call on retired soldiers to help Foxconn iPhone plant

Reuters, Nov. 16, 2022

Shanghai - Local authorities in Henan province have urged retired soldiers and government workers to take on stints at Foxconn's iPhone factory in Zhengzhou.

The plant has been hit by discontent over government mandated measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, which prompted many workers to flee in recent weeks.

Authorities in cities such as Jiyuan and Kaifeng say that those who take up the offer will be eligible to receive their current salary plus wages and bonuses from the factory. In Jiyuan, for example, public sector workers can receive a bonus of 800 yuan ($112.9) after signing up for the job, and a further 3,000 yuan ($423.5) bonus after completing 30 days of work, on top of factory wages and their current salary, it said, citing an unnamed junior government official.

Foxconn declined to comment on the hiring schemes, and also declined to give further updates on the Zhengzhou plant's manufacturing status.

Apple last week lowered its forecast for shipments of the premium iPhone 14 model due to the situation.