Ukraine: a new phase in the war of attrition - CORRECTION - MISTAKE - Ignore-Delete the 1:06AM Time Email - My Apology!

John Obrien

Comrades please ignore this email below sent earlier at 1:06AM by me - by mistake to this list,
instead of as a response to someone else, who is not on this List and not about Ukraine or relevant to this list.

I apologize for the mistake.

I sent the later email response at 3:30AM which is the relevant response about the Ukraine War and Putin.


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There have been many private companies doing "Gay travel cruises" for many decades.  One Inc. did them before 1969.
And few were open who issued pinbacks for such.  Not certain about this one you sent image - but assume it was issued
for the regular hetero owned company - and someone used to represent the private chartered cruise.  It was usually
only a portion of the total passengers on that ship which were part of their scheduled cruise - but in the past two decades
it was chartering the entire ship.  

Just the word: Cruise - has it be appealing!  - and with graphics.
I have some of these in boxes packed away on sailing ships travels and also women's sports teams, etc.
Eventually when I get my collections better organized, I will send you images of the travel pinback buttons I acquired.


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It's such a shame that so many Western leftists have embraced Washington's war in Ukraine.
These are the same who embraced Washington's war against Libya, Yugoslavia and Syria.



Walter Lippmann

Los Angeles, California

November 9, 2022