interview with Russian co-coordinator of Feminist Anti-War Resistance

Dayne Goodwin

Exiled Russian Activist Challenges Pacifist Approach to Ending War on Ukraine
interview of Lolja Nordic, co-coordinator of Ferminist Anti-War Resistance, created February 2022 in Russia
by Ashley Smith, Truthout, November 13, 2022

Lolja Nordic is anarcho ecofeminist, antiwar activist and artist from Saint Petersburg, where until recently she organized for gender equality, human rights and climate justice. She is a co-coordinator of Feminist Anti-War Resistance, a group created in February 2022 to protest the war in Ukraine. Since January 2021 Lolja has been facing political repression, arrest and threats for her activism. In March 2022 she had to flee Russia and continue her work in exile after becoming a suspect in a “phone terrorism” criminal case, which was fabricated by the Russian secret police to put pressure on several antiwar activists.
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AS:  In the West, many pacificists have argued for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated settlement. What are the problems with such calls?

LN:  It is absurd to demand that an occupied country stop fighting for its liberation and essentially give up its land for peace. It’s the same as telling a victim of violence to not resist a person who tries to abuse, rape or murder them. Why would we tell that to Ukrainians?

Our task is to stop the aggressor. That means first and foremost building solidarity with Ukraine and its people. They have been screaming for help for months. They don’t have enough weapons to fight against Russian aggression. They don’t have defensive weapons to protect their citizens from missile attacks. They deserve all the military and financial help to liberate their country.
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