While invading thru Chernobyl, Russian soldiers unburied the wrecked, undead Earth itself


There are no good guys in this picture. Most are caught between brutal Russians and Brutal Ukrainians -- if you survive the Russian assault you might be tortured or killed as a collaborator. None of this would be happening at all if the US had not insisted on installing fascists in Ukraine and pushing NATO into the region in spite of multiple agreements. Biden could end this today but proxy war feeds the military-industrial economic base of the cancer called the US. This needs to end b popular demand before it escalates to nuclear war. The climate damage -- especially after our (yes, our) blowing of the charged Nordstream pipeline will be wit us for many, many years to come and outweighs any of Biden's climate friendly policies.

Anthony Boynton

Thanks Brian!

Gibbons Brian


Disturbing and inhaling radioactive dust, in their haste Russian soldiers unburied the wrecked, undead Earth itself

"We cannot decide on the habitability of a place. Such a decision is made by that place itself."


Brian Gibbons