some DSA election work in L.A.

Dayne Goodwin

Election night with L.A.’s Democratic Socialists: Bernie Sanders impressions, revolution
by Brittny Mejia, Los Angeles Times, Nov. 10, 2022
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The race between L.A. City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell and labor organizer Hugo Soto-Martinez was leaning in the latter’s favor. ...
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“Are you ready to lead this country, this city, this region into the 21st century? To a 21st century that works for the many, not the few?” Sukaton asked.

The crowd roared in response.

Soon after, Soto-Martinez took the microphone to resounding chants of “Hugo.” In a short speech, he shouted out the support he got from DSA-LA and the Unite Here Local 11 hotel workers union.

“The moment that made me the most happy was seeing this family, the Democratic Socialists of America, for the first time link up with organized labor,” Soto-Martinez said. “That is going to be the coalition that we need to build in order to truly change the city of Los Angeles.”

When we do that, he continued, “I know we’re going to be unstoppable.”
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