Reminder: Forum/discussion on the results of midterm elections this Sunday

John Reimann

Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign will be having a forum/discussion on the results of the midterm elections. Summary of what we'll discuss:

Regardless of the outcome, the election results have tremendous consequences, domestically and around the world.
• What is the meaning of the rise of Trump and his takeover of the Republican Party?
• What does that party actually represent? Is it just the same old Republicans, a fascist party, or something else?
• If they take over at least one house of congress, what will be the results domestically and internationally?
• What is the role of the Democratic Party?
• How do US political developments in general and this election in particular intersect with the rise of the far right, including fascism, globally?
• How does it relate to the “campist” left and what can the genuine left – socialist, anarchist and otherwise – do about it?

More information and register here:

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