"Building the Revolutionary Left Today"

Dayne Goodwin

Valuable discussion organized by Tempest magazine/collective, Sept. 25

"The question of revolutionary organization remains a central one for the left. What kinds of organizations are needed in the 21st century, what opportunities and obstacles exist for activists trying to build them, and what can we learn from recent experiences in different countries? Join us for a discussion of these questions with an international group of left-wing activists."

46 minute video, nota bene:
@ 32:40 Natalia Tylim "founding member of Tempest collective" (representing Tempest perspective i presume)
speaks for 12 minutes
@ 40:30 for the last five minutes of her talk, Tylim covers three basic/existential lessons from revolutionary left experience
& @ 41:10 makes point #1 on "misunderstanding of Leninist tradition or what is meant by Leninism" (45 seconds)