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For those denying her fascist roots, watch this from 1996 ,

Via this twitter thread ,
, on how the " the Marxist critique of liberalism gets coopted by the
fascists," there was posted a speech by the new Italian PM,
, "Giorgia Meloni's remarks at God, Honor, Country: President Ronald
Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations - A National
Conservatism Conference in Rome, Italy - February 3, 2020." View @ .

For those not aware of the right-wing intellectual she starts by
noting and quoting from , Yoram Hazony, see, ,
nor another rightist intellectual she cites , Roger Scruton , see,
. She spoke at a conference organized by the National Conservatives ,
a relatively new trend on the Right.

"I'd really recommend the @KnowYrEnemyPod discussions about the rise
of the National Conservatives in the US. They are trying to give
coherence to Trump as a movement that rejects neoliberalism and social
democracy, while being coy about their white supremacist views."
, The second National Conservatism conference showed that the ideology
has moved into the mainstream of the American right.
@MatthewSitman and @SamAdlerBell break it down on the latest @KnowYrEnemyPod ."

"The Definitely-Not-Racist National Conservatives," note the image
illustrating this episode , the cover of the book by Hazony on

For the analysis by neo-conservative journalist, Matthew Continetti,
on the NatCons see,
, as noted here.

Another neo-con journalist on Meloni, ,
in the outlet founded by Iranian ex-Trotskyist , with ,"a Marxist proponent of
“labor populism,” , former editor of The Bellows,
, and others w/o a leftist past.
Michael Pugliese

Roger Kulp

This segment on Twitter is longer than any that are up on YouTube, but still I would want to see the whole thing. It shows that as in the US, and in every other country where it has reared it's ugly head, the neofascist movement has been building for a long,long time. David Broder of Jacobin on Meloni

Vladimiro Giacche'

Incomplete bio though.
She is also fiercely a supporter of NATO (in line with the tradition of Italian post-war fascists), of Zelensky and obviously of sending arms to Ukraine. She voted in favor in Parliament: the only relevant case in which she voted in favor of a measure decided by Draghi government.


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For those denying her fascist roots, watch this from 1996 ,